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Veronika Electronika celebrates her 19th year performing in 2021, and she wouldn't trade any moment of it for anything. A native of NYC, Veronika moved to Nashville, Tennessee in August of 2000 to finish college, little did she know that her life was about to change. Befriending several local queens, Veronika took to the stage. At first Veronika had no idea that this would lead to a career. Over the last 19 years Veronika has performed all over the US, won multiple contests and pageants; most notably Miss TN Continental. Veronika's main focus on stage is to transport her audience into a world of fantasy and imagination. Emulating multiple music and stage Divas like Dolly, Cher, and Madonna are some of her favorites. Veronika invites you into her digital world and see what Nashville nightlife has to offer!

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